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Four audit management >>>
1. controlled trial of professional reviewers and language reviewers reviewers personnel;
2. controlled trial localized and polish language revisers;
3. controlled trial was conducted by a project manager for a comprehensive review;
4. controlled trial after publishing a comprehensive proofreading carried out.

Six-stage quality control system >>>
Phase I: Data classification is accurate, appropriate arrangements interpreters and translation former unified standards, unified terminology in advance;
Second stage: the project manager to focus daily difficult, experts doubts, daily checks and timely solutions to translation quality issues;
The third stage: control of a professional reviewer personnel, standard language reviewers personnel requirements;
Fourth stage: control standards of professional proofreaders and language school personnel audit personnel;
Fifth stage: collecting customer feedback, according to customer requirements for a second modification;
Stage 6: Final manuscript quality director, ranked items, landscaping, project archiving.